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The Lady in Red 
The foundation of the lady in red is energy, life, and power. When you stand up with knowledge, faith, and courage, you express the real you; the part of you that is creative and magnificent. Your mind expands and your awareness vividly comes alive. You are now the magistrate who wears their crown.

The Queen of Malkuth
Like plants, you need sunlight, water, fresh air, and plenty of nutrients to grow, be strong, and reach your utmost potential. Are you making sure that all of your needs are being met? Take care of yourself with care. Nurture your Self so that you may continue to bloom.
Ms. Chlorophyll 
You are a towering flower growing with the rays of the sun. You are surrounded by the blue waters of life, the green grasses of unity, and the red flames of the dynamic thoughts of progress. Know that you are a star and more than your earthly existence.  Allow your Self to be illuminated by the light of your own Truth.
The Illuminated Womb
Divine creators of the universe! Where would the world be without the mother principle to hold, nurture, and teach the creations? The mother is the beginning of all life and knowledge. Mothers know that you are sacred and powerful. You are the crown of all kingdoms. It is the hand that rocks the cradle, that rules the world.
The Great Wu 
Suspended within time and space, you are a great hidden force created by unlimited creative power to find the true reality of your own Self. You rotate upon your own orbit like the planets and stars, and spin on your own axis. Your destiny is life in the cosmos as infinite light, wisdom, energy, and potential.
Mother Zuudikius
You are an ascending star, revolving through time, space, and spirit. What are you creating? Are you giving birth to increasing knowledge and truth? Are you giving birth to higher forms of consciousness? Are you giving birth to your dreams? Let the divine woman and man in you stand up and be purposeful. When you know who you are, the universe manifests at your command.
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