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GWG books are great for adults, teens, book clubs, master classes, mentor groups, family time,

homeschool programs, counseling sessions, self-education and gift giving.




A Short Story
The Girl Who Could Fly

by Ido Wu


The Girl Who Could fly is a short story and personal workbook created to move you step-by-step towards the realization of the life that you have always wanted to live. 





A Personal Workbook
Original Meditation Workbook

by Ido Wu


The Original Meditation Workbook uses original meditations and personal activities to increase your self-awareness and help move you closer to the realization of your ultimate self.

A Short Story
144 Maxims For Personal Power

by Ido Wu


The '144 Maxims For Personal Power' workbook includes affirmations and personal activities to help you develop your mental powers and increase your ability to take ownership of your life.

Once Upon A Groove: An Adventure in Poetry
Once Upon A Groove: An Adventure In Poetry

by Ido Wu


Once Upon A Groove is a collection of poems that will inspire your imagination and lift your spirit.


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