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Motivational Speaker                                                                                                          

Attending motivational workshops and presentations is one of the leading tools used by highly successful people to become inspired and empowered. Ido Wu facilitates educational activities to encourage adults and youth to be accountable to themselves, overcome adversity, and grow into healthy leaders in their own lives.
With great skill and focus, Ido Wu is able to deal effectively with the numerous themes in life such as: how to create a successful life, finding personal power, planning for the future, and overcoming great odds with sheer willpower.

Ido Wu provides life skills development instruction using personal empowerment tools that are necessary for living a healthy productive life. 
Ido Wu brings a wholistic learning approach without discrimination and judgment and is able to work effectively with individuals of various cultural backgrounds, nationalities, and personal experiences.
Ido Wu holds a B.A. in Psychology from Tuskegee University and a M.A. in Leadership and Management from Concordia University. 

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