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My Great Hands 
The many parts of your brain are great workers but so are your hands.  These simple tools help you to create, fix, build, communicate, shape, mold, touch, feel, and console.  Your hands are the champions of all of your projects.  They finish your work from where your mind leaves off.  Praise your hands and give them honor so that you may manifest your most glorious works.

Christ Walking on Water 
You are one of the many expressions of God, walking this journey of life, as you.  You are the sum of all that God is: your feelings, intelligence, uniqueness, talents, aptitudes, mind, body, and soul.  You were created to be powerful, wealthy, healthy, and noble. With that in mind, create wonderful works like God and inherit all the powers of the universe.
The Key 
You possess all the keys that you need to master your life and overcome any obstacles. Is your focus on uncovering all the precious jewels in your life?  Fill your mental, emotional, and spiritual cups with positive energy, hope, hard work, and perseverance and watch all hidden doors magically come open.
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