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The Cosmic Egg 
The womb of the universe is your home and from within that womb you were created in the image of the cosmos.  You are powerful, beautiful, noble, and wise.  Rise up! It is time to celebrate your power, strength, and majesty.

The Fishbowl 
You live in the worlds of the body, mind, and spirit in a magical state of multi-dimensionality.  You are like a fishbowl filled to the brim with life and potential.  Take a moment and look within and outside of yourself.  Expand your consciousness and increase your wisdom.
You are on planet Earth mountain climbing.  As you climb over all obstacles you will discover your hidden and innermost potential.  Where will you go when this journey ends?  What lies behind the walls of your own imagination?  Think deeply about the infinite possibilities that exist in your life and begin to live your dreams in lucid color.
The Space Traveler 
Born into the School of Life, you have journeyed to planet Earth to rediscover who you are and learn how to live a healthy, masterful, and passionate life.  Run! Run! Run!  To your higher Self!  To graduate from the School of Life is the most precious tribute.
The Geometric Sea 
The world of nature is built on order, purpose, and balance.  Every place where nature is, laws and principles abound.  Are you living a lawful and natural life?  Study nature and order your life so that you may always be found fruitful and prosperous.
Hollow Earth
All of creation vibrates in pools within pools of cosmic energy.  This energy is present on and within Earth.  And you are the starchild of Earth.  You are energy, growth, and potential.  Who are you rising up to be?  Now is the time to step up to your power and inherit all of the goodness that the universe has in store for you.
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