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The Eye of Isis
When you look at the world around you what is it that you see?  Do you see stars and moons reflecting light and power?  Do you see trees, wind, and sky dancing the language of life and love?  Do you see how you are the reflection of all that is magnificent in existence?  Let both your eyes become joined and focused on the vast greatness in all things, including your own Self.
Mothership Universe
You are filled with unlimited potential just like the universe.  Your thoughts are like uncountable space ships flying throughout your mind waiting for instruction.  What are you thinking right now?  This is what you are creating.  There is nothing left to manifest in heaven and on Earth but your own perfection.
Can you create a paradise? What would it look like?  Where would it be located?  How would you get there?  Before you can make your paradise a reality, first you must have a picture of it in your mind.  Expand your consciousness and dive into the realm of infinite possibility.
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